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Quest HD headphones for XP WS4 modules

Quest HD headphones for XP WS4 modules

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Quest HD headphones housing are abzugraden the perfect solution to the already existing XP WS4 headphones on a big Whole-ear headphones.
Just the already existing XP WS4 module is disconnected and the Deteknix HD connect.

These headphones housings have a very good comfort and are wireless, of course, and also have a very elegant Design and are very high quality.
Your existing XP WS4 headphones-in modules can be connected in a matter of seconds on the Deteknix HD headset.
The headphones are also light in weight, with only 320gramm total weight of a long wear is guaranteed.

Technical Data:
Frequency: 20-20.000 Hz
Resistance: 32 Ohm
Sound pressure: max. 111 dB
Power: 100 mW
Pressure Head Band: 3.0 N
Transmission frequency: Digital 2.4 gHz
With the channel (Paring): Manuel by the push of a button
Weight: 320 Grams
Charging socket: USB 2.0
Voltage: 3.7 VDC
Current: 40mA
Battery: 500mAH Li-Poly

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