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XP Deus wireless headphones WS4

XP Deus wireless headphones WS4

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XP Deus wireless headphones WS4

The XP Deus wireless headphones WS4 V4 controls the basic functions of the search coil-built-in miniature electronics:

  • Discrimination
  • Sensitivity
  • Adaptation to the ground manually
  • Frequency selection (approx. 4,8,12,18 kHz)
  • Sound divorce (1-,2-,3-,4-sound, display, or dynamic sound indicator)
  • Volume (adjustable)
  • Coil selection
  • Programme Selection (10 Deus Programs: Deus Base, Deus Fast, Goldmaxx Power, G-Maxx, Relic, Pitch, Beach, Beginner, All-Metal, Gold Box)

The head hearr has a clear Sound and is light and comfortable on the ears. Otherwise, like the XP WS5 wireless headphones with its ear-enclosing Ohrmuscheln the ambient noise and totally isolated, with the WS4 wireless headphones ambient noise without settlings of the headphones perceived, and discussions will be!

Technical Data

  • Digital radio link in real time
  • 27 Hours Of Battery Capacity
  • Charging Time 180 Minutes
  • Lithium Polymer Battery
  • the battery can be in any condition to be loaded (no Memory effect)

Carrier strap:

  • comfortable neck headphones, a comfortable seat
  • Ear cups interchangeable
  • Polypropylene strap foldable and replaceable
  • clear, clean Sound

Headphones electronics can be removed from the headband! The advantages are the most comfortable operation and easy replacement of the bracket to pollution.


  • XP Deus wireless headphones WS4 V4
  • black, foldable Polypropylene carrier strap
  • ABS Case for protection from dust and mechanical damage

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