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XP DEUS X35 28 RC V5.2

The new XP Deus V5.2 + 35 frequencies + more depth with BOOST function + more small parts sensitivity and much more!

The fifth Deus Evolution is simply fun because of the operation of the Deus remains simple and logical. Just one of the preset 10 programs and the fun begins. The Deus is due to its preset factory programs for beginners - at the same time, he offers his expert Menus for the experienced Detectorist a unique Performance and tremendous flexibility.

The ten preset factory programs include practically all of the XP detectors and give the user almost unlimited application possibilities.

  1. Deus Basic
  2. Goldmaxx Power
  3. Deus Almost
  4. Pitch
  5. G-Maxx
  6. Deep
  7. Wet Beach
  8. Dry Beach
  9. Hot
  10. Gold Box

+ 8 storable user programs!


The DEUS that is also highly innovative detector Design coupled with High-End technology.Absolutely unique Performance and comfort! Die precision in the Metal discrimination and the sensational low weight set the upper limit under the High-End detectors!

The Assembly and disassembly of the detector it takes just 5 seconds! The coil is easy to replace! The new patented linkage pivots great, comparatively much better as a straight-shaped telescopic rod. An ergonomically shaped rubber handle is comfortable to grip and secure in the Hand, better to have a detector in Hand!

The unique and patented System essentially comprises of 3 components: The new X35 28 cm double D search coil with built-in miniature electronics the with a remote control on the S-telescopic rod and with a second remote control wireless headphones (optional), completely wirelessly, via digital radio in real time to be served kann.


The high search performance and reaction speed, the precision in the Discrimination and the sensational low weight, put a new ceiling under the High-End detectors!

The 28cm double-D X35 search coil contains the DEUS System, the essential elements of the signal processing, which must now be transmitted via a cable connection. In the receiving coil is a miniature digital circuit that integrates the detected signals are locally digitized and analyzed. As a result, the Deus reaches a unique fast reaction speed, at the same time, the quality of the Siginalverarbeitung is greatly improved. The signals are sent in real time via digital radio to the remote control and the headphones (optional).

The remote control is removable and can be as small as a cell phone! Flexible metal detecting can be!



The remote control can also be belt-worn. All completely wirelessly!



  • Working frequencies switchable: 35 frequencies in the areas of 3,7-4,4 / 7,1 - 8,4 / 10,5 - 12,4 / 15,2 - 17,8 / 23,5 - 27,7 kHz
  • BOOST Mode in the frequency range of 3.7 - 4,4 kHz switchable
  • Sensitivity: 99 Levels
  • Transmit power: 3 steps in all the frequency ranges available (can, for example, in the case of interference, power lines, etc. is reduced and for depth-first search is increased)
  • Reactivity: 6 steps (the fastest metal detector in the world)
  • Iron volume: 0 - 6 adjustable (iron can also be hidden without deep loss position zero)
  • Tone indicators: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Multi sound and adjustable Pitch
  • 7-fold signal depth enhancement (Audio Response)
  • Visual Metal discrimination (ferrous/non - ferrous and precious metals)
  • Visual Depth Display
  • Floor adjustment: Pan (automatic adjustment is in the pan), pumping, Manual and beach
  • Notch filter: Notch and Multi-Notch (practically, for example, for the beach in search or on the field of battle)
  • Modes of operation: Motion (silently, without Threshold), and No Motion with/without Threshold
  • Item location: Audio and Visual (with the crosshair in the Display)
  • Discrimination: Audio and Visual (visual Metal discrimination: ferrous & non-ferrous metals)
  • Iron discrimination levels: 99, wide-range discrimination with optimal iron detection
  • Discrimination levels: From -6.4 to 99
  • Programs: 10 + 8 storable user programs


In General

  • Display Resolution: 8192 Pixels
  • Lighting with low power consumption, adjustable contrast
  • Software update for new Deus versions possible free of charge
  • 28cm double-D X35 search coil carbon fiber - water resistant - wireless
  • Rod: Fully telescopic, aluminum carbon fiber Mix, S-shape
  • Lithium Polymer batteries are the latest Generation of miniature
  • Battery state of charge indicator for remote control, wireless headphones (optional) and search coil
  • Approx. battery capacity per charge remote control 19 hours, earphone (optional) 22 hours
  • Approx. battery capacity coil with a transmit power level 1: 25-18 kHz = 25 hrs / 12 kHz = 22 hrs / 8 kHz = 18 hrs. / 4 kHz = 12 hrs.
  • Approx. battery capacity coil with a transmit power level from 2 to 3: 25-18 kHz = 21 hours, 12 kHz =19 hrs, 8 kHz = 14 hrs., 4 kHz = 12 hrs with BOOST 6 hrs.
  • 10 - 40% increased battery capacity + improved tracking stability on all floors + improved hardware sensitivity
  • Quick charger for simultaneous Charging of remote control and coil
  • Charging times: search coil 150 minutes, headphones (optional) and remote control 180 minutes
  • Sensational overall weight of the rod: Only 900 g (without remote control on the boom-mounted)
  • Linkage 480 g, remote control with battery, 100 g
  • Optional: headphone WS4 86g / headphone model WS5 255g
  • 28cm double-D X35 coil approx. 480 g with coil protection, waterproof
  • S-telescopic rods: Inserted 58cm, Extended: 130cm
  • Operating temperatures: -5°C to 40°C
  • many special settings, new, more efficient floor filter (expert)
  • Switch on and immediately start! Also for beginners suitable!
  • In spite of the many features unique, easy to use.



  • Cable-free digital radio transmission on 36 Multi-frequency channels
  • Remote control in a space-saving pocket size portable on a girdle, is held by a click - in bracket
  • Graphical display with economical backlight, contrast settings, and more intuitive display
  • USB connection to Download new XP Software and Upgrades
  • Compact rechargeable Lithium Polymer batteries (7gr.!)
  • Quick smart charger charges at the same time remote control, coil and headphones (optional)
  • Permanent display of program, time, battery status, land value, performance curve,conductance, etc.
  • Miniature back cover case, car charger, solar charger with flashlight function , etc. available as accessories


Wireless headphones (not included):

  • With its own system control and Display
  • rain for sure
  • Lightweight & foldable (receiver from the carrier strap is detachable)
  • Setting options for the Deus basic functions
  • Factory-preset search programs + 8 storable user programs
  • Lithium battery and charger
  • Includes ABS protective Case for Transport and storage
  • V5 six basic settings with additional experts-Menus


  • XP DEUS X35 28 RC V5.2, the latest Version
  • German Software, latest Version
  • 28cm double-D X35 search coil, waterproof carbon-search coil
  • Remote control, latest Version
  • Coil protection
  • Fast-charger with charging cable
  • Load clip (to Charge the coil)
  • Linkage rod mount for remote control
  • Belt bag with window and neodymium magnetic closure
  • Velcro strap for a secure fit in the armrest
  • Coil Screws Set
  • German Manual
  • 2 Years Warranty

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