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Garrett Pro-Pointer AT

Garrett Pro-Pointer AT

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Der neue ProPointer AT ist komplett wasserdicht - wie der Rest der AT-Familie bis zu 3m. Der ProPointer AT hat 3 Empfindlichkeitsstufen und die neue "fast retune"  Funktion u.a. zum schnelleren Filtern des Bodens und der Umgebung (z.B.Salz etc.). Auf der Schalter abgewandten Seite befindet sich ein aufgedrucktes Lineal mit Inch (Zoll) und Zentimeterangaben die dem Anwender helfen die Fundtiefe zu bestimmen.

The new ProPointer AT is completely waterproof - like the Rest of the AT family of up to 3m. The ProPointer AT has 3 levels of sensitivity, and the new "fast retune" feature for faster Filtering of the soil and the environment (e.g., salt, etc.). On the switch side facing away from a printed ruler with Inch (inch) and Centimeters which help the user to determine the reference depth.

Maximum sensitivity for the improved detection of Gold Nuggets, and other very small objects. The Retune button has these functions:

  • Reduction in the detection field for more accurate detection of larger objects
  • Soil adaptation to mineralized soils and saline soils, for example, looking at the Beach
  • Helps the distance to the object and its shape better assess

The bright orange color is certainly not to everyone's taste, but helps the device under water, or to find in the Foliage again. A "Lost PinPointer Alarm" is a Signal when the device should be turned on is lost. After 5 minutes without pressing a key in the switched-on state, warning beeps are heard - then the device switches off automatically. This saves batteries.

Simple "One-button" operation for:

  • And
  • Retune
  • Sensitivity
  • Settings
  • Stealth Mode

The button was redesigned and can now be pressed easily with gloves. The waterproof Garrett ProPointer AT comes as a complement to the already existing black ProPointer.

Orders are possible from now on.


  • Patented Audio and vibration settings
  • Patented housing shape with the scraper blade to dig
  • Saving circuit with a very long battery life
  • The probe tip and 360° detection area
  • Tuning: Automatically or manually
  • Large Control Knob
  • 3 selectable signal indicators
  • Vibration and Audio, respectively, in 3 intensity levels adjustable
  • waterproof Design up to approx. 3m
  • LED reference illumination, & signal strength indicator
  • Retune Functions
  • Overload indicator: Audio and vibration indication in the case of very large objects
  • Loss Alarm and auto shut-off after loss-Alarm-beep
  • Metal ring to the Hook of a safety lanyard (not included)
  • Battery alerts: double beeps and a blinking LED to signal a necessary battery change
  • 1 x 9 Volt block battery
  • Battery capacity: Approx. 30 hours in a "normal" application, with battery approx 8 hours
  • Weight 200 g

  • Garrett ProPointer AT
  • Belt holster
  • The mounting ring on the battery compartment cover
  • 1 x 9 Volt battery (standard Format)
  • German and English user manual
  • 2 Years Warranty

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Guter Pinpointer

Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit dem Gerät. Einziger Kritikpunkt ist, dass der Pointer schon nach kurzer Zeit anfängt zu pipen, wenn man ihn nicht immer wieder ausschaltet. Grossartiger Kundenservice von Saverio. Vielen Dank!

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H. Scheer

Lässt keine Wünsche offen

Wenn man einen robusten und Wasserdichten PinPointer benötigt ist die erste Wahl der Garrett Pro-Pointer AT. Deshalb habe ich mich für diesen PinPointer entschieden. Robust, Wasserdicht, sehr hochwertig verarbeitet und von der Ausstattung/Einstellunsmöglichkeiten alles was man benötigt. Habe ihn schon in Gebrauch und würde den Garrett ProPointer AT immer wieder kaufen. <br /> Bin absolut zufrieden mit dieser Wahl.<br /> Toller Service, freundliche Beratung und sehr schnelle Hilfestellung hier im Shop...danke

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