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The Macro Racer 2 is the latest model from the Macro-Racer series. The Macro Racer 2 has extra functions, which man, with this detector finds more objects and less unwanted pieces of iron/scrap metals. These are extra functions: Notch, Iron Audio, Tone Break, and iSAT Threshold function. The new iSAT Threshold function (for(Intelligent Self-Adjusting Threshold) gives you the ability to use a background sound to perceive which man can hear the very small and / or very deep objects, the man in the normal case, not listening!

The Macro-Racer and also the Macro Racer 2 is one of the best beach detectors in the world, in salty areas or highly mineralized soils are suitable for these detectors is not a Problem! There are only a few other detectors, such as the Racer 2 in the case of saline soils, is at a standstill and will remain stable and the optimal low power reserve. For heavily mineralized soils, the Racer 2 is Perfect. The Racer 2 has an extra Deep search mode. In this mode, a low-boost is activated for a maximum deep power function. The Racer 2 is currently one of the best low-performance detectors for this price range in our Macro range. The Racer 2 saves automatically whenever you turn on your settings and retain them when you turn on the device again.

You will be surprised by the speed, responsiveness, and the separation of this detector sharpness. This is very important if you want to miss not a single object. The Macro Racer 2 is suitable for almost all soil types and conditions, and achieves a much better depth range than a comparable metal detectors in this price class.

Digital detector with number identification
The Racer 2 is able to read a light-weight (1.4 kg) digital metal detector on the object identification (type of metal or type of object) on the Display. On the basis of the number values that appear in the middle of the display, you can see what kind of metal-type, or the type of object it is. For example, number 25 for iron, 50 for Gold, and number 65 for a Euro-coin, etc. Numeric object identification is the new method for object identification. The Numerical object ID on the Racer 2 runs of number 0/99.

Numeric Object Discrimination
The Macro-Racer 2 you can filter out unwanted metals / objects. On the basis of the numeric object discrimination, you can disable the numbers, you don't want to places. This function is often used for small iron parts such as nails, beer lids and clamping rings, etc. of the search. For example, you can filter out all the objects with the object identification number from "30" or less (small pieces of iron, depending on the value).

The Notch function offers the possibility to separate object ID numbers to filter out, for example, only 21 and 33. The Notch discrimination is show this in more detail, such as the Conductance-discrimination 01-99.

Depth of field
The Racer 2 is at the Moment one of the metal detectors with the largest underground performance report in our range. The Deep search mode offers again extra depth in comparison to the normal Macro-Racer. A coin can track the Racer 2 to about 40 cm depth and large objects even Deeper !
The maximum possible depth of field depends always together with the type of soil / ground conditions, settings and the size/volume of the object.

Iron Audio and Tone Break
Iron Audio can customize a function by which the sound of iron objects. Man can make the sound increase iron and better recognizable. Man can hide the sound completely, to be scrapped areas of pesky little iron sounds annoyed. Optimal man switches off the Iron Audio tone, if you want to know whether the object is ferrous, or iron. By the way, the Racer 2 also features a Tone-Break function.

iSAT Threshold
The iSAT Threshold function (for(Intelligent Self-Adjusting Threshold) gives the possibility of a background sound set, allowing man to hear the very small and / or very deep objects, you are better off/can perceive, the man otherwise don't listen! The background sound is very quiet and stable, and not annoying. This function is also used very well in mineralised soils and other difficult ground conditions.

Object identification with different audio tones
In addition to the modern numeric object ID of the Racer 2 has tones, also the object identification on the Basis of Audio . This means that you get different audio tones for the respective metal species. The Racer has 5 different audio tones. With a little Practice, you can determine at Hand the sounds to what type of metal it is.

Pinpoint function and depth indicator in centimeters
The Macro Racer 2 has a very precise Pinpoint function, so that you are able to locate the Centre of the object, so that you can dig up the object faster and more accurately. In the Display you can read off the approximate depth of the object in cm.

The Mineralization Reading
With this metal detector you can read, quite simply, the magnetic mineralization (level) of the soil. Soils with a high mineralization are known as the difficult soil types / conditions for a metal detector. In difficult ground, the maximum results and deep areas with the most metal detectors are extremely limited. The Macro Racer shows the mineralization (level) and (with the right settings) you can achieve with the Racer 2 in these difficult soil conditions for optimal results.

High-Speed Response
The Macro Racer 2 is characterized by its response time, and Retune speed. This can be very important, if several objects lie very close to each other, and you do not want the individual objects to be overlooked. Many metal detectors are closely ad adjacent objects (up to a few centimeters) as an object, without recognizing that it was several objects. The Macro Racer 2 missed no object , because the response and the Recovery Speed is really super fast !

Bluetooth wireless headphone (optional)
The Macro Racer 2 can be supplied with a Bluetooth Headset. (As an Option, please extra order!)
The Macro Racer 2 has in addition to audio tones, and the object ID on the Display, a vibration function. Vibration provides more concentration and is ideal for the hearing impaired.

LED white light and Display backlight
Macro Racer 2 has a bright LED white light and a backlight in the Display, so that you can also work in the dark and in the Night well with this detector.

5 search mode
Macro Racer 2 has 5 search options, namely:
- All Metals
- Two Audio Tones
- Three Audio Tones
- Beach-Mode
- Deep (Extra Deep)

Automatic and manual ground balance + adaptation to the ground
In addition to the automatic and manual ground balancing of the Macro Racer 2 also has a "adaptation to the ground (Ground Track)." Adaptation to the ground means that the metal detector adapts automatically, in the Moment, when you get in a different type of soil. The floor adjustment function scans the ground continuously and adapts itself automatically to the ground conditions. With this function, you can set your metal detector to continuously and automatically to the ideal soil conditions. Adaptation to the ground is something other than an automatic ground balance. The latter means that you need to adjust to a particular time of the detector, the automatic ground balance perform. If the "adaptation to the ground (Ground Track)." Function use, this also has a positive effect on the range of depth that continuously works on a highest level.

Frequency switch
Electronics and / or other metal detectors can interfere and it can cause it to malfunction, if they work together with other detectors in a similar frequency. To prevent this, the Macro Racer 2 is a digital frequency switch, with which you can change the frequency. In this way, you can easily find with your friends and with more metal detectors, at the same time on a field / closely together.

The Racer 2 has a memory for your settings. The detector retains as and when to turn off your settings.

Battery life
The battery life of the Standard 4 x AA alkaline batteries is approx. 25 to 30 hours

Technical Data:

Function principle VLF
Working frequency 14 kHz
Sound frequencies 100 Hz to 700 Hz adjustable
Search modes 5 (All Metal / Two Tone / Three Tone / Beach / Deep)
Iron Sound Yes
Tone Break Yes
Notch Filter Yes
Ground balance Auto / Manual / Tracking
Pinpoint Yes
Frequency shift Yes
Vibration Yes
Gain-Setting 01-99
Target ID 00-99
Search coil 28.5 cm x 18 cm (11" x 7") DD
Display Custom LCD
Weight 1.4 kg (3 lbs.) including search coil and batteries
Length 120 cm - 140 cm (47" - 55") adjustable
Battery 4 x AA Alkaline battery
Warranty 2 years


1 - RC29V DD search coil-28.5 cm x 18 cm (11"x7") & search coil cover
2 - headphones
3 - 4 x Alkaline battery
4 Owner's Manual & Warranty Certificate

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