Go Find A 20-Minelab

Minelab Go-Find 22

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The metal detector on the Go-Find Minelab series are easy and a lockable fully to take up less space lightweight and compact to be transported.

The metal detectors GoFind are easy to use, just press the "Search"button between different ways to choose your exploration well to find and to start.
Go-Find20, is the entry-level model , the Go-to search Minelab series.

Easily closable by pressing a button

Adjustable in length, to meet the needs of all seeking to meet
intuitive user interface
A key to the type of target to choose
versatile Design with Touch buttons
visual flashing icon in the case of the detection of a target
High audio signal for high-quality metals
low noise signal for iron targets
2 search modes
3 sensitivity levels
Adjustable Volume Level 5 Levels
Research plate 8 "waterproof
Power: 4 AA batteries
Weight: 1 kg
Length: from 555 mm to 1305 mm
User manual
1-Year Warranty

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