Minelab Excalibur Itys II

Minelab Excalibur Itys II

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The new Excalibur Itys takes the patented technology, Minelab's BBS to 17 frequencies. This metal detector can move to the country, on the beach, wet and under water to a depth of 66 meters.

Excalibur Itys underwater metal detector is a high level, with excellent sensitivity and depth of detection in salt water. In contrast to the previous Version (Twin), is more sensitive,
easier and more stable. The new Design with high-visibility fluorescent structure, the new plate slim line, thinner and lighter, and the new battery's New about this new underwater
Metal Detector Minelab. Recommended application: research diving and the beach, on wet Sand.

Minelab Excalibur II metal detector for underwater research ITYS Excalibur II ITYS takes the multi-frequency technology, to a box of water applied to density controls, and robust

This detector is suitable for the research on the ground, but especially the under water research
Excalibur II the versatility of a metal detector is a High-Tech water-resistant up to 66 meters
Excalibur II is available in two configurations, with a small search coil 8" suitable for research in diving
Advantages Robust construction for extreme search under water and on Land
All settings can be controlled and easily adjusted
You gain valuable time, waste not recognize! The exact identification with sound allows you to hear good targets, and to identify,
The variable discrimination to reject to be used unwanted targets (metal waste)
Sensitivity automatic and manual
With sensitivity automatic metal detector, the noise measures the signal and automatically adjusts for a stable operation
BBS and RCB technologies
BBS technology is used more frequencies at the same time of each Scan to find more targets
BBS reduces false signals from the minerals in the soil generated for the Excalibur II for the General detection and for the beach is ideal
To recognize the RCB technology amplifies weak signals to be able to small targets and deep targets
Excalibur ITYS is an under water metal detector with highest level, with excellent sensitivity and depth in salt water, in contrast to the previous Version of Twin,
out to be more sensitive, much more stable and light

Technical Data:
Search Movement
BBS technology with 17 frequencies
Automatic Ground Balance
Sensitivity adjustable from 1 to 10
Discrimination is adjustable from 1 to 17
Control Box fluorescent high visibility
Panel included: Slimline
Power supply: rechargeable NiMH battery
Included: High-Visibility fluorescent coil protection
Supplied, headphones and charger 230V

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