Fisher F44

Fisher F44

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The F44 shows impressive achievements and enormous flexibility - all verpacht in the new rain-proof Design! At first glance, the new waterproof 29cm search coil, on the positive side. The new coil design is an eye-catcher and convinces with excellent performance values in the search depth and separation with simultaneous weight savings. No search crashes more suddenly it starts to rain - and snow - like!

Fisher equipped the F44 also a fine, subtle red lighting of the display can be switched in 5 levels of brightness. To search the courses are at night and in the twilight of pleasure. Those who want to search without headphones, you can adjust the speaker volume. The mountains of the findings is made by the accurate point tracking function with the associated depth display easily. Already at the initial recognition, the distance from the Fund can very well be due to the dynamic sound estimate.

3 pre-programmed Disk programs to choose from. Furthermore, the F44 features a sturdy All Metal Mode and a storage removable Disk-user program. The ground balance adjustment is now done automatically by Pressing the GG button. When Searching, the F44 is perfectly balanced in the arm.

The pleasantly large held Display with its many features attractive clear and is always easy to read. At a glance, the ground mineralization and the detection depth can be read off. The arrows are to make balance to the control of the Floor. The two-digit ID-conductance is located in the centre of the field of view. The Notch Filter is operated via the MENU is intuitive and easy to use. It can be from FE to 9 all conductance spectra are individually shown or hidden.

The F44 in spite of the many ways in which the user is a "Turn On and Go" detector. He offers ambitious beginners a easy-to-use detector with the he "can grow" and the experienced seeker of opportunities we are looking for else in vain in this price class.

Technical Data:

  • New weather-proof Design!
  • Digital high-resolution info Display in the new Slim Design
  • 9-Segment conductance spectrum for rapid object detection
  • 2-digit target ID, with representation georteter objects in the range 0-99
  • Adjustable Sound Release Extension (V-Break)
  • Are 7.69 kHz operating frequency
  • Static Point Location! (the best mode for fast and accurate pinpointing)
  • Pinpointing push-button for precise point positioning in the coil center makes it easier to find
  • optional automatic ground balance or manual ground balance
  • Ultra-light weight, only about 1.15 kg
  • new waterproof concentric 29cm high performance triangle search coil
  • fast response time
  • Volume control
  • for all soil types, even the beach search), suitable (
  • Discrimination function with filtering of non-desired metal species such as iron scrap
  • Search programs for relics, coins and jewelry search
  • All Metal Mode
  • Detailed in-depth display (on coins verified)
  • Display illumination red, adjustable brightness
  • Battery status display in 7 steps
  • Notch filter (Notch function) to Filter out unwanted non-ferrous metals
  • Headphone circuit 6.35 mm Jack
  • Ergonomic S-rod, 3 – tlg. For all body sizes
  • Battery power supply 2 PCs AA batteries, it is customary in the trade


Fisher F44 3.-tlg. Linkage

German Manual

2 x AA battery

2 Years Warranty

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